Flushable catheter affixed to a wash line (SJ-13-0018)

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Flushable catheter affixed to a wash line (SJ-13-0018)
Description Catheters are widely used in long-term care, and typically have an end open to the blood stream which allows for the intentional intravenous delivery of drugs, nutrition and fluid. Over time, bio-fouling infectious agents populate the lumen of the catheter and are forced into the bloodstream when fluids are injected. Catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) are diagnosed in around 10% of patients with catheters (250,000 to 500,000 infections in US hospitals/year); and in that infected patient population, the mortality rate can be 25%. CRBSI significantly increases hospital length of stay and overall treatment costs.

Current in situ cleaning procedures used to remove bacterial build-up by injecting a solution into the catheter without a barrier can actually lead to infection. Yannan Ouyang, a researcher here at St. Jude, has designed a flushable catheter system with a switched wash line. This design allows for cleaning bacteria/biofilm contamination, and prevents contaminated fluids and bioactive agents from entering patients’ blood stream during this cleaning. The design includes a cost effective cleaning solution aimed at detaching cells and proteins from the catheter surface that works better than pure bleach. Dr. Ouyang has even taken the step of designing a machine to perform the washing consistently and safely.
Keywords Catheter-related bloodstream infections, disinfection, biofilm, flush catheter contaminated blood
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Licensing Opportunities This invention will reduce costs and lengths of hospitalization by reducing infections and it will save lives. St. Jude is seeking a licensing partner for this catheter design who will commit the time and resources required to see it to market. We have filed a patent application which can be provided to you under a confidentiality agreement. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact the Office of Technology Licensing for more information.


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Last update: June 2013