Brain Tumor Patient Stories

A place of their own
A place of their own
Jayla and Felicia Lee may share their toys and dress-up clothes. But when it comes to the “pink hospital,” each sister stakes her claim.
Sweet relief
Sweet Relief
Where does a family turn when their son is given a zero percent chance of survival?
Turning the tide
Turning the tide
Clinicians and researchers chart a course to find cures for high-grade gliomas.
Hope on the Horizon
Hope on the horizon
Yeshaai Govender's family traveled nearly 9,000 miles to find the best brain tumor treatment for their son.
Attention to detail
Attention to detail
Many childhood cancer survivors experience attention problems. St. Jude is making progress in fighting these late effects of their disease and treatment.
Promise Winter 2013
What’s Up, Doc?
MJ Holloway is not going to let a brain tumor interfere with his career aspirations.
Ingram and his sibling stars
Ingram and His Sibling Stars
Two little girls find ways to help during their brother's cancer treatment.
A reason to smile
Evan Pertile: A reason to smile
Where would two physicians turn if their son had a brain tumor? One couple found world-class treatment—as well as their son’s trademark smile—at St. Jude.