Solid Tumor Patient Stories

Familial Foe
Katie and Madeleine Battle a Familial Foe
Three decades after undergoing treatment at St. Jude, Katie Martin helps her daughter wage a similar battle.
Double jeopardy
Aaron Jackson: Double Jeopardy
Imagine finding out that your newborn son has an inherited blood disorder. Still reeling from that diagnosis, you discover that he also has cancer. St. Jude helps one family cope.
Promise Magazine Spring 2013
Blame it on the Chemo
Not even cancer can keep this sassy, high-fashion optimist from smiling, singing and encouraging her fellow patients.
A Flavorful Life
Nick Gagnon: A Flavorful Life
While undergoing treatment at St. Jude, 17-year-old Nick Gagnon furthers his culinary ambitions.
Beyond Words
Beyond words - Miguel Betances Lee
What makes St. Jude a great place to work? The mission. A perspective by Carol Coletta, president and CEO of CEOs for Cities.
patient Zain Brown
A burden lifted - Zain Brown
Self-sufficient and resilient, Zain Brown is full of imagination and incredibly wise beyond his tender 4 years. As an only child, he has learned to make the most of precious playtime and navigate the intricacies of an unfamiliar world.
The battle to rebuild
Lance Fletcher: The battle to rebuild
Lance Fletcher and his dad fought a war on two fronts. Now that their family is reunited and Lance’s osteosarcoma is in remission, the Fletchers concentrate on constructing a future.
Sheri Spunt, Osteosarcoma
Adam Long: The Fighter
St. Jude backs Adam Long in the fight for his life.