Promise, Winter 2013

Promise Winter 2013 cover

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Promise Winter 2013
What’s Up, Doc?
MJ Holloway is not going to let a brain tumor interfere with his career aspirations.
Laniah Harris
A Tale of Two Vaccines
Two common childhood infections kill hundreds of thousands of children each year. St. Jude is creating vaccines to combat both croup and RSV.
Pain management for 5-year-old Bo Carter is child’s play, thanks to the science of pharmacogenetics.
Prescribing Gets Personal
Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are mining the genetic code to better match patients and medications now and in the future.
Lanasha Gray celebrates with family and hospital staff during her No Mo’ Chemo celebration. What comes next for Lanasha and other childhood cancer survivors? That is what St. Jude researchers are trying to determine.
After the Confetti Falls
St. Jude research doesn’t stop when treatment ends. Studies conducted by our faculty and staff are uncovering new details about the long-term issues facing childhood cancer survivors.
Beth Elliot, Thomas Merchant
Beam of Hope
St. Jude builds the world’s only proton therapy center dedicated solely to the treatment of children.
As part of the St. Jude Tributes Program, Adam and Kate Duggan presented their wedding guests with keepsake scrolls that encouraged guests to support St. Jude. “I am happy to be able to give back to the hospital that gave me so much,” Adam says.
In Tribute
Patient pays tribute to St. Jude for chance at life and love.
As enthusiastic supporters of the St. Jude mission, Eileen and Bob Hutton have established a charitable remainder trust that benefits the hospital. The couple are also dedicated to building support and awareness for St. Jude.
Writing the Next Chapter
One couple embarks on a new phase of life, helping St. Jude build support and awareness.
Promise Winter 2013
Following up with Shon Coleman
October 2012 marked the end of chemotherapy for Auburn University football player Shon Coleman.
Research Highlights
Research Highlights - Promise Winter 2013
New treatment options for Ph-like ALL; colorful creations; exciting AMKL discovery; focusing on Glomulin; the risk of swine viruses; Survivors Day Conference; a better way of testing