Oncopedia℠ is a freely accessible interactive educational resource on the Cure4Kids web site, www.Cure4Kids.org, that is designed for pediatric hematologists/oncologists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who provide care to children with cancer. Oncopedia's content is compiled using online submissions from Cure4Kids™ users. The content consists of complex hematology/oncology cases and images, with specific questions about patient management, controversial topics, and interesting presenting features, including illustrations of patients’ clinical characteristics and imaging and pathology findings. An international editorial board reviews all contributions; and cases chosen for Oncopedia are posted with expert commentary from our editorial board and opened for online, moderated discussion. Registered Cure4Kids users can interact online with other users and the editorial board by posting opinions and questions about the content. Users can also find practical and current disease-specific information. Oncopedia combines the open participatory features of leading web sites like Wikipedia® with the added benefit of an international expert editorial board. Oncopedia will also make available rare cases that are not usually discussed in expensive international medical journals. All material can be freely used and downloaded for reference and educational purposes. For more information about Oncopedia, please visit the website at: www.Oncopedia.org.