Sema Jeha with a St. Jude patient

Why St. Jude for participation in a Phase I protocol?

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the only pediatric specialty cancer center funded by the National Cancer Institute and the only private cancer center in the United States committed to caring for and supporting children with cancer regardless of the family’s financial or healthcare resources.

St. Jude's molecular pharmacology lab has the ability to test different drugs on xenograft models in preclinical studies. In addition, St. Jude's pharmaceutical department can perform drug testing and analysis on site. Because St. Jude is a large referral center, it can conduct and run clinical trials effectively and in a timely manner. St. Jude's research and patient care are housed on the same campus, allowing scientists and clinicians to work together as a multidisciplinary team.

Patients are accepted by referral only. Please contact us at or through our online form in the Related Topics box above.

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