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Current Clinical Trials

Our "bench-to-bedside" approach to finding cures for the catastrophic diseases of childhood allows St. Jude patients more efficient access to the latest research findings available. Our clinical trials are freely shared with physicians and healthcare institutions throughout the world.

We are actively recruiting for specific clinical studies. Patients must be referred by their physician. See Refer a Patient to St. Jude to find out how to refer a patient to St. Jude or for referral, consultation and treatment policies. Parents who want to know if their children are eligible to be treated at St. Jude should have their children’s physician call the toll free number below.

Note: There may not be open clinical trials in place for all of the conditions, stages or treatment phases of every disease listed below. For information about whether a specific disease is currently being treated in a clinical trial at St. Jude,  about other catastrophic diseases in the categories listed here or to determine if a child is eligible for treatment at St. Jude, physicians are encouraged to contact us toll free at 1-888-226-4343 or request an online referral.  


Brain Tumors
Hematological Disorders
Infectious Diseases
Leukemias / Lymphomas
Phase I & II Studies
Solid Tumors
Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Transplant
Supportive Studies