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    Target for potent first-strike influenza drugs identified

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital study shows how compounds blocking an enzyme universal to all influenza viruses may allow development of new antiviral drugs that also avoid the problem of drug resistance. (Dr. Stephen White)

    Solving mystery of how sulfa drugs kill bacteria yields 21st century drug development target

    St. Jude scientists discover key enzyme structure in bacteria, a finding that lays the foundation for a new generation of antibiotics that are safer and less prone to drug resistance. (Dr. Stephen White)

    X-ray vision

    St. Jude data collection now occurs in minutes instead of days, thanks to shared resources at Argonne National Laboratory. And in the past couple of months, St. Jude access to the facility has skyrocketed.

    3-D forms link antibiotic resistance and brain disease

    The story of what makes certain types of bacteria resistant to a specific antibiotic has a sub-plot that gives insight into the cause of a rare form of brain degeneration among children, according to investigators at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

    Sabotaging bacterial invaders

    For children with diseases like cancer, infection-causing bacteria are scarier than any movie monster. Researchers at St. Jude are finding targets for new drugs so that children have the upper hand when fending off bacterial invaders.

    Images of anthrax enzyme help researchers understand antibiotic resistance

    St. Jude scientists uncovered insights into the structure of the anthrax enzyme that disclose a new target for drugs that might avoid antibiotic resistance in this potential bioterror weapon.

    A Peek under the Hood at Molecular Motors

    Structural biologists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are studying biological motors critical to a cell's ability to divide and produce healthy daughter cells.

    Enzyme Imagery

    St. Jude researchers create image of enzyme that orchestrates natural genetic engineering.

    St. Jude researchers create image of enzyme that orchestrates natural genetic engineering

    New insight into the structure of a virus enzyme that orchestrates a natural type of genetic engineering in bacteria provides important clues into how similar enzymes control the same process in human cells during DNA replication and repair.