LDTAM: Low-dose Tamoxifen in Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction: A Phase IIB Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial


Leukemias / Lymphomas : For survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma


Hodgkin lymphoma — formerly known as Hodgkin's disease — is a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. Patients with Hodgkin lymphoma are typically treated with radiation, which has led to high survivorship. However, it has been found that Hodgkin lymphoma patients who received radiation to the chest area before age 30 have up to a 55 times higher risk of developing breast cancer than the average woman.

Tamoxifen has been successfully used in the treatment of breast cancer for about 40 years, and has been shown to help prevent new cancers from occurring. This study is going to test a two-year course of tamoxifen at the 5 mg daily dose in female Hodgkin lymphoma survivors to see if it will have the same effects as shown prior studies. If so, low-dose tamoxifen (5 mg per day) may be a good option for decreasing breast cancer risk in women who received chest radiation, with fewer side effects.



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