Paul Thomas, PhD

    Paul G. Thomas, PhD

    Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty



    Contact Information

    Paul Thomas, PhD
    MS 351, Room E7060
    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    262 Danny Thomas Place
    Memphis, TN 38105-3678
    Phone: (901) 595-6507
    FAX: (901) 595-3107


    BS – Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1999)
    PhD – Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (2003)

    Research Interests

    Selected Publications

    Oshansky CM, Wong SS, Jeevan T, Smallwood HS, Webby RJ, Shafir SC, Thomas PG. Seasonal influenza vaccination is the strongest correlate of cross-reactive antibody responses in migratory bird handlers. MBIO 5(6):e02107, 2014.

    Russ BE, Olshanksy M, Smallwood HS, Li J, Denton AE, Prier JE, Stock AT, Croom HA, Cullen JG, Nguyen ML, Rowe S, Olson MR, Finkelstein DB, Kelso A, Thomas PG, Speed TP, Rao S, Turner SJ. Distinct Epigenetic Signatures Delineate Transcriptional Programs during Virus-Specific CD8 T Cell Differentiation. Immunity 41(5):853-865, 2014.

    Woodruff MC, Heesters BA, Herndon CN, Groom JR, Thomas PG, Luster AD, Turley SJ, Carroll MC. Trans-nodal migration of resident dendritic cells into medullary interfollicular regions initiates immunity to influenza vaccine. J Exp Med 211(8):1611-1621, 2014.

    Oshansky CM, Gartland AJ, Wong SS, Jeevan T, Wang D, Roddam PL, Caniza MA, Hertz T, Devincenzo JP, Webby RJ, Thomas PG. Mucosal immune responses predict clinical outcomes during influenza infection independently of age and viral load. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 189(4):449-464, 2014.

    Perko R, Kang G, Sunkara A, Leung W, Thomas PG, Dallas MH. Gamma Delta T Cell Reconstitution Is Associated with Fewer Infections and Improved Event-Free Survival after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Pediatric Leukemia. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant Oct. 16, 2014.

    Oguin TH 3rd, Sharma S, Stuart AD, Duan S, Scott SA, Jones CK, Daniels JS, Lindsley CW, Thomas PG, Brown HA. Phospholipase d facilitates efficient entry of influenza virus, allowing escape from innate immune inhibition. J Biol Chem 289(37):25405-17, 2014.

    Rutigliano JA, Sharma S, Morris MY, Oguin TH 3rd, McClaren JL, Doherty PC, Thomas PG. Highly pathological influenza A virus infection is associated with augmented expression of PD-1 by functionally compromised virus-specific CD8+ T cells. J Virol 88(3):1636-51, 2014.

    Rosenberger CM, Podyminogin RL, Askovich PS, Navarro G, Kaiser SM, Sanders CJ, McClaren JL, Tam VC, Dash P, Noonan JG, Jones BG, Surman SL, Peschon JJ, Diercks AH, Hurwitz JL, Doherty PC, Thomas PG, Aderem A. Characterization of innate responses to influenza virus infection in a novel lung type I epithelial cell model. J Gen Virol 95(Pt 2):350-62, 2014.

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    Cukalac T, Chadderton J, Handel A, Doherty PC, Turner SJ, Thomas PG, La Gruta NL Reproducible selection of high acidity CD8(+) T-cell clones following secondary acute virus infection. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111(4):1485-1490, 2014.

    Rudraraju R, Sealy RE, Surman SL, Thomas PG, Dayton BH, Hurwitz JL. Non-random lymphocyte distribution among virus-infected cells of the respiratory tract. Viral Immunol 26(6):378-384, 2013.

    Sharma S, Thomas PG. The two faces of heterologous immunity: protection or immunopathology. J Leukoc Biol November 8, 2013.

    Keating R, Hertz T, Wehenkel M, Harris TL, Edwards BA, McClaren JL, Brown SA, Surman S, Wilson ZS, Bradley P, Hurwitz J, Chi H, Doherty PC, Thomas PG, McGargill MA. The kinase mTOR modulates the antibody response to provide cross-protective immunity to lethal infection with influenza virus. Nat Immunol October 20, 2013.

    Askovich PS, Sanders CJ, Rosenberger CM, Diercks AH, Dash P, Navarro G, Vogel P, Doherty PC, Thomas PG, Aderem A. Differential host response, rather than early viral replication efficiency, correlates with pathogenicity caused by influenza viruses PLoS One 8(9):e74863, 2013.

    La Gruta NL, Thomas PG. Interrogating the relationship between naive and immune antiviral T cell repertoires. Curr Opin Virol 3(4):447-51, 2013.

    Tam VC, Quehenberger O, Oshansky CM, Suen R, Armando AM, Treuting PM, Thomas PG, Dennis EA, Aderem A. Lipidomic profiling of influenza infection identifies mediators that induce and resolve inflammation. Cell 154(1):213-27, 2013.

    O'Reilly MC, Scott SA, Brown KA, Oguin TH, Thomas PG, Daniels JS, Morrison R, Brown HA, Lindsley CW. Development of dual PLD1/2 and PLD2 selective inhibitors from a common 1,3,8-Triazaspiro[4.5]decane core: discovery of ML298 and ML299 that decrease invasive migration in U87-MG glioblastoma cells. J Med Chem 56(6):2695-9, 2013.

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    Oshansky CM, Thomas PG. The human side of influenza. J Leukoc Biol 2012.

    Ruckwardt TJ, Malloy AMW, Gostick E, Price DA, Dash P, McClaren JL, Thomas PG, Graham BS. Neonatal CD8 T-cell hierarchy is distinct from adults and is influenced by intrinsic T cell properties in respiratory syncytial virus infected mice. PLoS Pathog 7(12):2377, 2011.

    Sharma S, Sundararajan A, Suryawanshi A, Kumar N, Veiga-Parga T, Kuchroo VK, Thomas PG, Sangster MY, Rouse BT. T cell immunoglobulin and mucin protein-3 (Tim-3)/galectin-9 interaction regulates influenza A virus-specific humoral and CD8 T-cell responses. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(47):19001-6, 2011.

    Moon JJ, Dash P, Oguin TH, McClaren JL, Chu HH, Thomas PG, Jenkins MK. Quantitative impact of thymic selection on Foxp3(+) and Foxp3(-) subsets of self-peptide/MHC class II-specific CD4(+) T cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(35):14602-7, 2011.

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    Dash P, McClaren JL, Oguin TH, Rothwell W, Todd B, Morris MY, Becksfort J, Reynolds C, Brown SA, Doherty PC, Thomas PG. Paired analysis of TCR[alpha] and TCR[beta] chains at the single-cell level in mice. J Clin Invest 121(1):288-295, 2011.

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    Moffat JM, Handel A, Doherty PC, Turner SJ, Thomas PG, La Gruta NL. Influenza epitope-specific CD8( ) T cell avidity, but not cytokine polyfunctionality, can be determined by TCR beta clonotype. J Immunol 185(11):6850-6856, 2010.

    Ellebedy AH, Fabrizio T, Kayali G, Oguin T, Brown S, Rehg J, Thomas P, Webby RJ. Contemporary seasonal A (H1N1) influenza virus infection primes for a more robust response to split inactivated pandemic A(H1N1) vaccination in ferrets. Clin Vaccine Immunol October 20, 2010.

    Sanders CJ, Doherty PC, Thomas PG. Respiratory epithelial cells in innate immunity to influenza virus infection. Cell Tissue Res September 17, 2010.

    Last updated: January 2015