Influenza Virus Replicated in Mammalian Cell Culture and Vaccine Production (SJ-94-0007)

Technology Name
(St. Jude Reference #)
Influenza Virus Replicated in Mammalian Cell Culture and Vaccine Production (SJ-94-0007)
Description A method for growing influenza virus to a high
titer in mammalian cell culture by maintaining a
constant trypsin concentration is provided. The
resulting virus is suitable for use in vaccines
after inactivation or attenuation.  This method
could be used to manufacture clinical grade
influenza vaccine that may be used either
prophylactically to prevent infection or
therapeutically to treat infected patients. 
Keywords Influenza virus, vaccine production, mammalian cell culture, tryspin
Granted Patents or Published Applications U.S. Patent Nos. 5,824,536; 6,344,354
Related Scientific References

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