Medulloblastoma Subtyping Assay (SJ-10-0020)

Technology Name
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Medulloblastoma Subtyping Assay (SJ-10-0020)
Description A series of immunohistochemical tests are provided that allow medulloblastoma (and perhaps other) tumor samples to be classified into three main subgroups: those driven by the Sonic Hedgehog pathway, those driven by the Wnt pathway, and all others. This subtyping is critical for determining appropriate therapeutic treatment strategies.
Keywords  Medulloblastoma, Sonic Hedgehog, Subtyping
Granted Patents or Published Applications International application published April 5, 2012 as WO 2012/044921
Related Scientific References

Ma et al., “Fusion of two novel genes, RBM15 and MKL1, in the t(1;22)(p13;q13) of acute megakaryoblastic leukemia”, Nature Genetics 28(3): 220-221 (2001)

Ellison,,D. W. et al., “Medulloblastoma: clinicopathological correlates of SHH, WNT,and non-SHH/WNT molecular subgroups”, Acta Neuropathology 121(3): 381-396 (Jan. 26, 2011).

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