Math-A-Thon bonus problems

Math-A-Thon adds new features to funbooks, Web site

Internet-based bonus problems are one exciting feature of the new Math-A-Thon Funbooks. Each funbook features three patient stories, which end with a notice to go to There, participants will see a link to the bonus problems for their age group. Each student can earn up to 45 bonus points with the online problems.

Other new pages in the K-5 books include an autograph page where students can share encouraging messages, and an invitation to visit the hospital’s Web site and read Patient of the Month stories. Students are encouraged to write down the names of some of the patients for whom they are working and why.

Grades 6-9 have two new pages that explain some of the treatments that have been pioneered at St. Jude and some of our treatment successes. Hopefully, by understanding the importance of the work done at St. Jude, students in these grades will become even more engaged in the Math-A-Thon program.


September 2004