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Patient of the Month - January 2011

January 2011 Patient of the Month

1 year old



Remi was found to suffer from bilateral retinoblastoma in February 2010.


Remi's story:

Remi's dad had a type of eye cancer called retinoblastoma when he was a child, so when Remi was born, his mother felt it important to have Remi checked for it, too. Her motherly instincts proved correct, when, at just 2 months old, tests revealed little Remi had tumors in both of his eyes.

Remi's mom remembered the devastation she felt upon learning her baby was suffering from cancer. "I felt like my whole world was crushed," she said. Remi's doctor quickly provided a referral to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

At St. Jude:

Remi began receiving chemotherapy. Because his disease was advanced, Remi was treated with three types of chemotherapy on a protocol designed to destroy the tumors in his eyes, with the hope of preserving his vision.

Remi's mom knows the research going on at St. Jude contributes to her son's chance of beating his disease. "I feel that Remi receives top-of-the-line treatment here. We're at the best place in the world," she said.

Remi has completed treatment and was able to return home this fall. He'll return to St. Jude for regular checkups.

Remi is a curious little boy who loves Sesame Street and playing with his toy train.


January 2011

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