Patient of the Month - May 2011

May 2011 Patient of the Month

3 years old



In summer 2009, Brady was found to suffer from neuroblastoma, a common solid tumor of childhood.


Brady's story:

A tinge of yellow is what alerted Brady's parents that something was wrong with their little boy. Brady's mother noticed that his left eyelid had taken on a yellowish tint. As the days passed, Brady's eyelid kept getting more yellow. His mother took him to the pediatrician, who noted that Brady's iron levels were low. That, the doctor suggested, could be the cause of the yellowing. Brady started an iron supplement, but his eyelid remained yellow.

Then one afternoon, when Brady's mother picked him up from daycare, she noticed his left eye was swollen and puffy and it was starting to bruise. She rushed him back to the doctor, who referred them to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital affiliate nearby for blood work and scans.

The scans revealed a large mass in his abdomen and a smaller mass behind his left eye. A bone marrow aspirate revealed that the cancer was in his marrow, too. St. Jude doctors determined that Brady suffered from neuroblastoma. Brady's mother remembers the shock upon learning her son had cancer. "It was a nightmare," she said. "I'll never forget it."


At St. Jude:

Brady started chemotherapy immediately. He received six rounds of chemotherapy at the St. Jude affiliate, then came to St. Jude in Memphis for surgery to remove the tumors and a progenitor cell transplant using his own cells. Once Brady recovered from his transplant, he and his mom returned to Memphis, where Brady received radiation treatment. Brady was able to return home in spring 2010, but unfortunately, recent scans revealed that his cancer has returned. Brady is receiving chemotherapy once again.

Brady's family is thankful that the costs of Brady's treatments are covered. "My husband and I, all we could think about was that we were going to do anything to help our little boy. We would sell our house if we needed to," his mother said. "I remember feeling a sense of relief when I heard how much St. Jude provides. It's one less thing to worry about."

Brady loves trains, especially Thomas the Train, and he can recite the names of all of Thomas' train friends.

May 2011

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Editor’s note: We regret to inform you that Brady lost his battle with cancer in May of 2012.

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