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Infectious Diseases Initiative - International Outreach Program (ID-IOP)

The mission of the Infectious Diseases-International Outreach (ID-IO) Program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is to increase the rate of survival of children with infectious diseases worldwide by educating and training local healthcare professionals at international sites. We help them gain the knowledge, technology and organizational skills necessary to prevent, diagnose, manage, and minimize the consequences of infectious diseases in children, particularly those with cancer. We have two objectives. The first is to establish and maintain a network of Infectious Disease specialists and institutions that facilitate continuous exchange of knowledge and expertise in infectious diseases between St. Jude and its international partners. We also aim to foster international collaborative research on basic and clinical aspects of infectious diseases.

At international sites, the ID-IO Program supports ongoing formal training of healthcare providers in infection control in collaboration with local educational centers and health institutions. Examples include HIV/AIDS and infection control training for Latin American nurses in El Salvador.

The ID-IO Program offers short-term fellowship opportunities to professionals from international sites interested in the following:

  1. Management of pediatric and adolescent infections in immunocompromised hosts, including patients with cancer or HIV/AIDS.
  2. Prevention of infection.

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