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Non-Therapeutic Protocol

SCHOOL1: Concurrent School Attendance And Cancer Therapy: The Experiences of 6-12 Year Old Pediatric Oncology Patients

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Supportive Studies: Nursing Research


Many children with cancer cannot participate regularly in school due to frequent hospitalizations for treatment or treatment related effects such as pain, nausea, and fatigue. Prior studies have shown that children with cancer desire to attend school while receiving therapy despite these challenges, and that they report psychological and psychosocial difficulties if unable to attend. The purpose of this study will be to explore how 6-12 year old children with cancer perceive school attendance pre- and post-diagnosis during active therapy as measured at one-time point, 6 months (± 2months) into active therapy.


To learn more about what children with cancer think about and have to say about going to school before and after they are diagnosed with cancer.


Principal Investigator

Jessica C. Boles, MEd, CCLS

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