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    Gene therapy provides life-changing relief from hemophilia

    Gene therapy developed at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, University College London and the Royal Free Hospital has transformed life for 10 men with severe hemophilia B.

    When Precision Counts

    St. Jude surgeons are world renowned for innovative approaches that save the lives of children with cancer and other diseases.

    A Giant Step for Gene Therapy

    Exciting gene therapy study helps patients with hemophilia B.

    Katie and Madeleine Battle a Familial Foe

    Three decades after undergoing treatment at St. Jude, Katie Martin helps her daughter wage a similar battle.

    Gene therapy achieves early success against hereditary bleeding disorder

    Study of gene therapy developed at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and University College London offers first proof that the treatment benefits adults with hemophilia B; reduces need for clotting factor to prevent bleeds.

    Early safety results promising for Phase I/II trial of gene therapy treatment of hemophilia B

    Vector-gene combination developed at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and UCL is central to latest clinical trial of gene therapy as a possible tool to provide long-term relief from disabling bleeds

    Drug shows a new effect that can control a childhood cancer

    The drug bevacizumab is widely used to inhibit blood vessel growth in tumors, starving them of oxygen and nutrients. St. Jude researchers have found that the drug also shows promise for attacking neuroblastoma cells themselves.

    Brock McMorris: Winning the race against Wilms

    Some people compare it to a roller coaster ride. Others liken it to an interminable nightmare. But Tony McMorris describes his son’s journey through cancer treatment as an exhausting sprint with life-or-death odds. When doctors discovered softball-sized tumors on the kidneys of 1-year-old Brock McMorris, the race was on.

    Study offers new hope for children with bilateral Wilms tumor

    Children with bilateral Wilms tumor can retain normal function in both kidneys by undergoing a procedure called bilateral nephron-sparing surgery, even when preoperative scans suggest that the tumors are inoperable.

    Gene therapy improves chemotherapy delivery

    Helping blood vessels that feed a tumor become mature and healthy might not seem like the best strategy for ridding a patient of cancer. But researchers discovered that a previously unknown anti-tumor action for the molecule IFN-beta does just that.

    Gene therapy reverses neuroblastoma growth in lab

    St. Jude researchers showed in mouse models of neuroblastoma that a virus engineered to carry the gene for an anti-cancer protein is an effective treatment for this tumor that has fewer toxic side effects.

    Smooth Operation

    Surgeons, operating room nurses and anesthesiologists work together like a well-oiled machine to treat St. Jude patients.

    New national cancer gene therapy foundation announces $1.5 million in grants for cancer gene therapy research

    Dr. Andrew Davidoff awarded ACGT Young Investigators national grant for work in the development of anti-angiogenic gene therapy for neuroblastoma, a deadly form of childhood cancer