Non-Therapeutic Protocol

DIARY1: The Feasibility of a Daily Diary Methodology with a Pediatric Cancer Population

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Supportive Studies: Psychology


This study is being conducted to learn about the daily experiences of children and teens that have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Using a daily electronic diary, participants’ daily experiences, emotions, and strategies for coping will be examined. The goal of the study is to assess how well the electronic diary works for participants as a means of gathering information about their day-to-day activities. Using this electronic daily diary will help to gain a better understanding about the factors that impact the well-being of children and adolescents with cancer.

The study will include two phases of participant recruitment and participation. Phase I will be conducted to obtain feedback and identify technological issues with the iPad. Child/Adolescent participants in Phase II of the study will complete several paper and pencil questionnaires on two separate occasions, as well as two weeks of daily electronic diaries. For each Phase I participant, we anticipate a participation timeframe of 1-2 weeks. Phase II participants will be enrolled in the study for approximately 10-15 weeks.


Eligibility Criteria

Pediatric Participants (Phase I and II)

Control Participants

Principal Investigator

Sean Phipps, PhD