INFT2: HLA - Nonidentical Stem Cell and Natural Killer Cell Transplantation for Children Less than 2 Years of Age with Hematologic Malignancies


Leukemias / Lymphomas : Leukemias (high risk hematologic malignancies)


Hematologic malignancies (blood cell cancers) in very young children are hard to treat with standard doses of chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs). Stem cell transplantation (infusion of healthy blood forming cells) has been used but has not always been successful. The best donor of stem cells is a sibling (brother or sister) who is a match (the sibling’s cells match the subject’s immune type, or HLA type). But few very young children with leukemia have a matched sibling donor. This research study is for those children who do not have a matched sibling donor.

In this study, a parent will be the stem cell donor. Using a parent donor (a parent donor is a partial match for the subject’s HLA type) increases the risk of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). GVHD occurs when the donor cells (the graft) recognize that the body tissues of the child (the host) are different. Because severe GVHD can be life-threatening, the parent’s stem cells will be filtered using a machine called the CliniMACS system, which removes the cells that cause GVHD. This system has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is considered experimental.

In addition to the stem cell transplant, parent donor natural killer (NK) cells will be given. NK cells are special cells in the immune system (the body organs and cells that defend the body against infection and disease) that target cancer cells. NK cells may help donor cells to grow and may reduce the chance of GVHD.

In this experimental treatment, chemotherapy will be used in addition to the stem cell and NK cell transplants. It is unknown if these treatments will work better than the treatments now being used to treat very young children with hematologic malignancies.



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