Promise, Winter 2012

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Sweet relief
Sweet Relief
Where does a family turn when their son is given a zero percent chance of survival?
A targeted effort
A Targeted Effort
Promising drug offers targeted therapy for children with high-risk acute myeloid leukemia.
Writing the next chapter
Writing the Next Chapter
For many years, St. Jude researchers have been investigating the connection between genetics and pediatric cancer. Those approaches continue to have dramatic implications for clinical care.
The science of support
The Science of Support
One couple champions the importance of research to the St. Jude mission.
Promise and hope
Promise and Hope
Promesa y Esperanza unites the Hispanic community in support of St. Jude.
Stuck like glitter
Stuck Like Glitter
Sometimes children need more than medical treatment. They need glue and paint and crayons…and someone to listen.
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Highlights - Promise Winter 2012
Gene therapy against hemophilia B; In-house screening reduces stroke risk; key molecular in protein interactions; new treatment options for brain tumors; survivors' neuromuscular problems; nasal flu vaccine; Promise and St. Jude celebrate milestones; outreach program national model for sickle cell; hormone research may lead to more targeted drug development.