Lonestar Perspective: Focus on Hope

Lonestar has received numerous awards and recognition from the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the American Music Awards. They have also received The Home Depot Humanitarian Award, which recognizes country music artists for community service and generosity. Now, three members of the group share their impressions of the research and treatment occurring at St. Jude.

Michael Britt, guitar, vocals:

As recording artists, we’re asked to lend our name to many deserving charity organizations in an effort to raise money and awareness. I went to St. Jude expecting to be, well, depressed, but seeing all of the staff working so hard for these kids was anything but depressing. The sad part is that children are still being afflicted by these terrible diseases, but the inspiring part is that they have a place they can go, regardless of their financial stations. More children are surviving diseases than ever before, and more treatments are being developed all the time.

It still breaks my heart to see the kids struggling with cancer and other horrible diseases, but I am so glad that St. Jude exists. It truly is a light of hope in the darkest of times.

Richie McDonald, lead vocals:

Over the past 10 years, we have grown rather close to St. Jude. We’ve seen firsthand the miracles they are performing for these precious little angels, all God’s children.

You ask what St. Jude means to me? I can sum that up in one word: hope. Hope for those who need it the most; hope for all the children and their families. They know that in their time of need they can find comfort and count on all the wonderful people at St. Jude.

Dean Sams, keyboards, vocals:

Before I ever went to St. Jude, I wanted to know several things. What are they about? Why do I need to give my money? Does the money really go to the kids? Are they really helping kids live?

After one visit, every question was answered. I met kids who had smiles on their faces because they had hope that tomorrow would come. I met parents who could laugh and joke with their children because of the miracles that St. Jude staff members make happen every day. I met doctors and researchers who told us of the great advances they make because of donations made by “Partners in Hope.” One visit changed my life forever.

St. Jude is “hope,” “compassion” and “love” all in one. Because of this I am very proud to say I’m a Partner in Hope and a supporter of St. Jude.

Reprinted from winter 2005 Promise magazine.


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