Clinical Nutrition

Because of their diverse input, registered dietitians in Clinical Nutrition Services are integral members of the multidisciplinary team that provides patient care at St. Jude and are committed to excellence in patient care. All of our staff are licensed and registered nutrition professionals, many with advanced degrees and specialized certifications. Our team has expertise in many areas of medical nutrition therapy.

Providing care to the oncology patient through the work of Certified Specialists in Oncology

Certified Specialists in Pediatrics are able to provide essential nutrient plans for growing children

Enteral and Parenteral care provided by

Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians


Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists with Master’s Degrees in Clinical Nutrition offer wellness and general nutrition information

Certified Specialists in Renal Nutrition 

aid in balancing nutrient loads during dialysis


Lactation counseling and support from International Board Certified Lactation Consultants