Academic Departments & Divisions

St. Jude is a unique institution: it is both a pediatric hospital dedicated to the care of children with catastrophic illnesses and a research institution focused on discoveries to further advance the treatment of these diseases.

Most patients are treated on disease-specific front-line clinical protocols, which provide state of the art treatment while generating new insights that will continue to improve the cure rate of these diseases.

The St. Jude environment facilitates interaction among laboratory scientists and clinical investigators, promoting the translation of new findings from the lab to the clinic and communicating clinical problems to laboratory scientists for further investigation. All St. Jude clinical academic departments have translational research programs that bring the "bench to the bedside," ensuring that patients treated at St. Jude benefit fully from advances in our understanding of pediatric catastrophic diseases and their treatment.

Research performed at St. Jude runs the gamut from the most basic of sciences to clinical therapeutic investigations. World-renowned scientists and clinical investigators share their knowledge and work together for the St. Jude mission - to find the causes and cures of pediatric catastrophic illnesses.

Departments Divisions
Bone Marrow Transplantation & Cellular Therapy  
Cell & Molecular Biology  
Chemical Biology & Therapeutics  
Computational Biology  
Developmental Neurobiology Developmental Biology
Epidemiology & Cancer Control  
Hematology Clinical Hematology
Experimental Hematology
Infectious Diseases  
Oncology Cancer Predisposition
Cancer Survivorship
Molecular Therapeutics
Solid Tumor
Pediatric Medicine Anesthesiology
Critical Care Medicine
Nursing Research
Quality of Life & Palliative Care
Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Radiation Oncology  
Radiological Sciences Diagnostic Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Translational Imaging Research
Structural Biology  
Tumor Cell Biology