Thoughts on St. Jude from Williams-Sonoma, Inc. employees

“At our store, sleigh bells would ring with every donation alerting our team to shout “thank you” in unison. Curiosity would get the best of our guests and soon they would join the spirit of Thanks and Giving. We are so proud that our team was able to be a small part of the greater good St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides.
Pottery Barn store 361
Westport, Connecticut
General Manager: Nancy John


“Let me begin by saying that it is almost impossible to express the excitement and passion my team holds for St. Jude. If one could capture the smiles and how loud the “Thank You” is when a donation is received one could get a glimpse of the heart that lies within the Short Hills team.
Pottery Barn store 216,
Short Hills, New Jersey
General manager Nicole Ragolia


“As a wise person once said, “A team’s success is measured by its ability to come together and reach a common goal.” We did! I believe that we took Pottery barn’s philosophy of making a difference in the eyes of our customers to a new level by asking every customer to make a difference in the eyes of a child at St. Jude.
Pottery Barn store 184
Houston, Texas
General Manager: Natalie Spangler


“I believe all parents want the best for their kids, sacrificing so much of themselves for this one goal. Each one of those children deserves an opportunity to experience life, to feel love, to understand beauty – gifts that can be taken away by a terrible illness. I believe that Danny Thomas created a bright, bold place where the unfortunate can be turned into the magnificent, and where the future will be waiting for you day after beautiful day.”
Williams-Sonoma store 473
New York, New York
General Manager: Ray Ciborowski




Our team wants to thank St. Jude for allowing us to join them in their mission of love and healing. It helped all of us to appreciate the deeper meaning of the holiday season. We had so much fun focusing on what is truly important … life.”
Pottery Barn store 82
San Diego, California
General Manager: Alicia McSwain

“At store-04 – Penn Square, in Oklahoma City, fundraising is not just a passion, it has become a mission in educating our associates and customers on how simple it is for even one person to make a difference. For the past two years we have worked closely with the entire staff to raise money internally for this charity. This year we raised $1,350 internally with simple bake sales, potluck lunches and a raffle we created by inspiring others to donate. The sense of community and closeness this has created with the staff far exceeds any monetary gain and has truly inspired and touched each and every individual that participated. This fundraising campaign has now become a tradition that is a “kick-off” to our store Holiday Meeting. It is an excellent opportunity to educate new seasonal associates that are new to the company on the wonderful benefits that giving can have on us all.”
Williams-Sonoma store 04
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
General Manager: Emily Brown

June 2008