Peoria Telethon raises more than $3 million

The Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois, communities showed their continued support for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with the 27th annual Peoria Telethon.

The telethon, broadcast live on WEEK-TV 25 from the Peoria Civic Center and the State Farm Regional Office in Bloomington, raised more than $3 million for St. Jude. The event was sponsored by WEEK-TV, Bergner's and Smith Barney.

Local VIPs took telephone pledges from 6:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on August 7 while WEEK-TV personalities Tom McIntyre, Lee Hall, Lee Ranson, Gina Morse, Mike Dimmick and the St. Jude Midwest Affiliate Clinic founder Jim Maloof introduced patients stories, check presentations from various fund-raising events and, of course, the arrival of the runners from the Memphis to Peoria Run and the numerous other satellite runs that all converge on Peoria.

The runners presented the telethon hosts with checks totaling $1.3 million, earned through sponsorships of the runners who ran to Peoria from cities such as Memphis, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; and St. Louis, Missouri. The runners have raised more than $10 million in the 23 years they have been trekking to Peoria.

The telethon has raised more than $30 million, including the $10 million from Memphis to Peoria and satellite runs, in its 27-year history.

August 2004