Tour Patient Areas

Take a tour of the hospital. You can view a slide presentation of some of the places in the hospital that you and your child may visit. At St. Jude, we believe that parents are our partners. Here, you can meet some of the people who will work with you, and find out what to expect during your visit.
To tour a location, click on one of the pictures or one of the links below. We will add tours of more areas later, so check this page again if you don't see the place that you want to learn about..

ACU Nursing Tour  
Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU)
Most children and families come to the ACU for outpatient treatment and follow up care. We are made up of several clinics and services.  View Tour
Inpatient Nursing Tour  
Inpatient - Hematology / Oncology
Most of the patients who stay overnight at St. Jude will stay here. See how our staff will work with you during your visit as well as some of the services available to you on this floor. View Tour
ICU Nursing Tour
Intensive Care Unit
Our ICU has a highly skilled staff along with the specialized equipment necessary for St. Jude patients who require continuous and close monitoring of their healthcare. View Tour
Transplant Nursing Tour
Stem Cell Transplant
With one of the world's largest stem cell transplant programs for children, adolescents, and young adults, our specially trained staff is dedicated to the well being of the patients and families who come here. View Tour
OR Nursing Tour
Operating Room
Follow a patient and her mother through their visit to surgery and see how our staff's experience and sensitivity to the needs of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer enable us to perform this exceptional level of care. View Tour