Spotlight: Graduate Assistants

Clinical Nutrition Graduate Student Spotlights
(L-R) Perrin Tamblyn, Karen Smith, Eddie Han, Jan Claussen, Kristi Edwards

Every year four graduate students who are enrolled in the Clinical Nutrition Masters/Internship program at the University of Memphis join the department of Clinical Nutrition as graduate assistants (GA’s).

This training program is managed by Karen Ringwald-Smith, RD, MS, LDN the nutrition project coordinator. These students work directly with a nutritionist who acts as his/her mentor and supervisor for the year.

In addition to providing direct patient care, the GA’s participate in nutrition related activities such as health fairs and National Nutrition Month projects. The graduation assistantship is also grounded in research training; GA’s participate in all stages of the research process with the ultimate goal of sharing the findings with other health care providers.

Current research includes:

Katelyn Hart Katelyn Hart

Measuring hydration status using the bioelectrical impedance analysis and evaluating factors that may impact a patient’s hydration status with sickle cell anemia
Cara Hedges Cara Hedges

Testing feasibility and reliability of a nutrition knowledge questionnaire in college students
Camilla Ruark Camilla Ruark

Vitamin E status and dietary intake in patients with sickle cell disease
Whitney Sheffield Whitney Sheffield

Evaluation of Tanita scale as a more effective method for evaluating the body composition in children undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Laura Steele Laura Steele

Nutrition management of treatment-induced hyperglycemia in patients with ALL
David Havrilla Changes in smell and taste perception among children treated with chemotherapy for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant
Julie Pineau Evaluating body fat composition of pediatric oncology patients
Hope Shackelford Establishing the use of neck circumference as an indicator of obesity in children with cancer and sickle cell disease