Department of Immunology


Douglas R. Green, PhD

Departmental Focus

Immunology is the study of the immune system, the body¹s defense against infectious disease. In this complex system a defect in a single gene or the control of a single cell can have an enormous effect on the health of the individual. In this way, the immune system and cancer are similar. The Department of Immunology at St. Jude studies the biology of the system whose cells are a major source of childhood cancers, and by understanding these cells and how they are controlled, we gain new insights into such cancers.

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Department of Immunology
MS 351, Room E7050
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
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Mark Bix, PhD  Cytokine gene regulation in T-cell differentiation

Hongbo Chi, PhD  Cellular signaling in innate and adaptive immunity

Peter C. Doherty, PhD  Molecular and cellular analysis of CD8+ T cells

Douglas R. Green, PhD  Apoptosis, autophagy, and mitochondria

Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, PhD  Mechanisms of host defense and inflammation

Maureen Ann McGargill, PhD  T-cell regulation to treat autoimmune disease

Peter J. Murray, PhD  Control of inflammatory responses

Paul G. Thomas, PhD  Innate and adaptive immunity to influenza

Benjamin A. Youngblood, PhD  T-cell memory differentiation and exhaustion