Patient Care

Most children at St. Jude are treated as outpatients. This means they do not spend the night at the hospital. They only have to be at the hospital for tests, check-ups, and treatments. This practice reflects the St. Jude approach to patient care. We strive to provide the best treatments and care to our patients. We want them to spend as much time as possible just being kids and teens, not confined to hospital rooms.

The terms “outpatient,” “clinic,” “ACU,” and “Ambulatory Care Unit” all refer to the clinic areas. Most of your child’s visits to St. Jude will be for outpatient care in one of these areas.

St. Jude LIFE & After Completion of Therapy Clinic Presented by Kmart (ACT Clinic)
Assessment & Triage
Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic
Cardiopulmonary Services
Child Life Program
Clinical Nutrition 
Dental Clinic
Diagnostic Imaging
Endocrine Clinic 
Eye Clinic
Gynecology Clinic
Hematology Clinic 
Leukemia/Lymphoma Clinic
Medicine Room 
Neuro-Oncology Clinic  
Patient Pharmacy
Phase I/II Studies  
Procedure/Recovery Area
Pulmonary Clinic
Radiation Oncology Clinic 
Rehabilitation Services
School Program
Social Work
Solid Tumor Clinic
Spiritual Services
Surgery Clinic
Surgery Department
Translational Trials Unit
UT and Le Bonheur