St. Jude named one of 'America's Greatest Brands'

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been named one of the country’s greatest brands in the 2006 edition of America’s Greatest Brands published by the American Brands Council.

The book, in its fifth volume, "celebrates the achievements, the exceptional effort and outstanding work involved in maintaining a well-earned, valued asset – a great brand."

St. Jude is listed among more than 50 other internationally recognizable businesses and consumer brands. In this year's edition, St. Jude was one of three non-profits selected by the American Brands Council and by other top brand companies who were asked to submit non-profit nominees for inclusion.

"It is truly a great achievement for St. Jude to be included as one of America's greatest brands," said Carl Meyer, chief executive officer of America's Greatest Brands. "It is an indication that America's greatest business and non-profit leaders appreciate the impact St. Jude has on medical care for children, on fund-raising and on American philanthropy in general. We were extremely pleased to count St. Jude among the elite brands in our nation's history."

Each of the brand winners included in the book are featured in a two-page spread that highlights their history, achievements, and brand impact. Among those brands featured in the series are Coca-Cola, 7-11, Crest, Disneyland, the New York Times, CNN, Federal Express, McDonald's and Roadway.

"We are honored to be included as one of America's greatest brands," said Dr. William E. Evans, director and chief executive officer at St. Jude. "It is a tribute to all of those who support our life-saving mission and who share our story across the country and around the world."

John P. Moses, chief executive officer of ALSAC, the fund-raising organization of St. Jude, said: "Our brand awareness is critical as we seek the support of volunteers, donors, groups and major corporations. Recognition of this kind reminds all of those who support us that when they associate with St. Jude, they associate with a world-class organization."