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Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic provides a wide range of services to St. Jude patients and their families. As a consultation service, our staff is available for inpatient and outpatient consultations generated by the medical and psychosocial teams. Our staff is comprised of licensed clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, licensed psychological examiners, and trainees at all levels.

Our Psychologists and Specialty Areas:

Valerie Crabtree, PhD Clinic Director, Sleep Disturbances
Heather Conklin, PhD Neuropsychology, Brain Tumor
Jennifer Ehrentraut, PhD Solid Tumor, Pain
Lisa Ingerski, PhD Treatment Adherence
Niki Jurbergs, PhD Brain Tumor
James Klosky, PhD After Completion of Therapy (ACT)
Kendra Parris, PhD Bone Marrow Transplant
Sean Phipps, PhD Department Chair, Bone Marrow Transplant
Jerlym Porter, PhD Hematology
Darcy Raches, PhD Neuropsychology, Leukemia
Jane Schreiber, PhD Neuropsychology, Hematology

The Psychology Clinic offers a number of services to St. Jude patients.

For more information, call the Psychology Clinic at (901) 595-3581.