Larry Kun, MD

Larry E. Kun, MD

Member, St. Jude Faculty
Clinical Director and EVP
Chair, Radiological Sciences
Interim Chair, Bone Marrow Transplantation & Cellular Therapy


Radiological Sciences

Contact Information

Larry Kun, MD
Radiological Sciences
MS 220, Room I-3121
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678
Phone: (901) 595-3565
FAX: (901) 595-3113


MD - Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Research Interests

My career focus has been in clinical investigation and care for pediatric cancer, focusing on pediatric radiation oncology with special interests in tumors of the central nervous system. Over 40 years, I have established a firm commitment to guiding faculty development and multi-institution clinical research, increasingly focused on integrating new radiation technologies and signaling agents through phase I-III clinical trials and in studying the immediate and late effects of cancer therapy.

Selected Publications

Warren KE, Gururangan S, Geyer JR, McLendon RE, Poussaint TY, Wallace D, Balis FM, Berg SL, Packer RJ, Goldman S, Minturn JE, Pollack IF, Boyett JM, Kun LE. A phase II study of O6-benzylguanine and temozolomide in pediatric patients with recurrent or progressive high-grade gliomas and brainstem gliomas: a Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium Study. J Neurooncol 106:643-9, February 2012.

Wisoff JH, Sanford RA, Heier LA, Sposto R, Burger PC, Yates AJ, Holmes EJ, Kun LE. Primary neurosurgery for pediatric low-grade gliomas: a prospective multi-institutional study from the Children’s Oncology Group. Neurosurgery 68:1548-54, June 2011.

Haas-Kogan DA, Banerjee A, Poussaint TY, Kocak M, Prados MD, Geyer JR, Fouladi M, Broniscer A, Minturn JE, Pollack IF, Packer RJ, Boyett JM, Kun LE. Phase II trial of tipifarnib and radiation in children with newly diagnosed diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas. Neuro Oncol 13:298-306, March 2011. PMC3064607

Poussaint TY, Kocak M, Vajapeyam S, Packer RJ, Robertson RL, Geyer R, Haas-Kogan D, Pollack IF, Vezina G, Zimmerman R, Cha S, Patay Z, Boyett JM,Kun LE. MRI as a central component of clinical trials analysis in brainstem glioma: a report from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC). Neuro Oncol 13:417-27, April 2011. PMC3064695

Warren KE, Goldman S, Pollack IF, Fangusaro J, Schaiquevich P, Stewart CF, Wallace D, Blaney SM, Packer R, MacDonald T, Jakacki R, Boyett JM, Kun LE. Phase I trial of lenalidomide in pediatric patients with recurrent, refractory, or progressive primary CNS tumors: Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium study PBTC-018. J Clin Oncol 93:324-9, January 2011. PMC3056466

Gururangan S, Chi SN, Poussaint TY, Onar-Thomas A, Gilbertson RJ, Vajapeyam S, Friedman HS, Packer RJ, Rood BN, Boyett JM, Kun LE. Lack of efficacy of bevacizumab plus irinotecan in children with recurrent malignant glioma and diffuse brainstem glioma: a Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium study. J Clin Oncol 28:3069-75, June 2010. PMC2903337.

Metzger ML, Hudson MM, Krasin MJ, Wu J, Kaste SC, Kun LE, Sandlund JT, Howard SC. Initial response to salvage therapy determines prognosis in relapsed pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Cancer 116(18):4376-84, September 2010.

Hua C, Hoth KA, Wu S, Kun LE, Metzger ML, Spunt SL, Xiong X, Krasin MJ. Incidence and correlates of radiation pneumonitis in pediatric patients with partial lung irradiation. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 78(1):143-9, September 2010.

Gururangan S, Chi SN, Young Poussaint T, Onar-Thomas A, Gilbertson RJ, Vajapeyam S, Friedman HS, Packer RJ, Rood BN, Boyett JM, Kun LE. Lack of efficacy of bevacizumab plus irinotecan in children with recurrent malignant glioma and diffuse brainstem glioma: A Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium study. J Clin Oncol 28(18):3069-75, June 2010.

Krasin MJ, Davidoff AM, Xiong X, Wu S, Hua CH, Navid F, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Rao BN, Hoth KA, Neel MD, Merchant TE, Kun LE, Spunt SL. Preliminary results from a prospective study using limited margin radiotherapy in pediatric and young adult patients with high-grade nonrhabdomyosarcoma soft-tissue sarcoma. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 76(3):874-8, March 2010.

Sanford RA, Merchant TE, Zwienenberg-Lee M, Kun LE, Boop FA. Advances in surgical techniques for resection of childhood cerebellopontine angle ependymomas are key to survival. Childs Nerv Syst 25(10):1229-40, October 2009.

Fouladi M, Gururangan S, Moghrabi A, Phillips P, Gronewold L, Wallace D, Sanford RA, Gajjar A, Kun LE, Heideman R. Carboplatin-based primary chemotherapy for infants and young children with CNS tumors. Cancer 115:3243-53, July 2009.

Pui CH, Campana D, Pei D, Bowman WP, Sandlund JT, Kaste SC, Ribeiro RC, Rubnitz JE, Raimondi SC, Onciu M, Coustan-Smith E, Kun LE, Jeha S, Cheng C, Howard SC, Simmons V, Bayles A, Metzger ML, Boyett JM, Leung W, Handgretinger R, Downing JR, Evans WE, Relling MV. Treating childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia without cranial irradiation. N Engl J Med 360:2730-41, June 2009.

Armstrong GT, Whitton JA, Gajjar A, Kun LE, Chow EJ, Stovall M, Leisenring W, Robison LL, Sklar CA. Abnormal timing of menarche in survivors of central nervous system tumors: a report from the childhood cancer survivor study. Cancer 115:2562-70, June 2009.

Merchant TE, Li C, Xiong X, Kun LE, Boop FA, Sanford RA. Conformal radiotherapy after surgery for paediatric Ependymoma: a prospective study. Lancet Oncol 10:258-66, March 2009.

Kun LE, Beltran C. Radiation therapy for children: evolving technologies in the era of ALARA. Pediatr Radiol 39(Suppl 1):S65-70, February 2009.

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