Living Well: Employee Wellness Program


St. Jude Living Well Program

Health is central to the hospital’s mission, and St. Jude is proud to support employees and their families in their efforts to lead more healthy lifestyles through St. Jude’s wellness and fitness program. St. Jude recently opened the on-site Living Well Center, which serves as a central hub of fitness and wellness activity for St. Jude, ALSAC and Children’s GMP employees. The center promotes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including getting active, eating healthy, preventing chronic illnesses and injuries, reducing stress and achieving optimal work/life balance.

The program is offered at no cost to employees and provides a holistic approach to healthy living, offering varying levels of activities and health promotions for employees of all fitness levels. The center provides for the following types of fitness/wellness:

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Five components of the Living Well program

Getting Active Living Well encourages employees to incorporate more day-to-day physical activity at work and engage in general fitness outside of work.
Program highlights: On-site wellness center with fitness equipment and group fitness classes, physical activity programs, promotion of fitness-related resources, StairWELL program to encourage use of stairs over elevators, Living Well Walking Tracks (indoor and outdoor) on campus
Eating Healthy Living Well encourages employees to adopt proper nutrition and maintain a healthy weight, both of which are critical to good health.
Program highlights:   On-site nutrition seminars, healthy cooking demonstrations, Weight Watchers At-Work, promotion of healthy choices in cafeteria and in vending machines
Promoting Prevention Living Well promotes early intervention, particularly in the areas of reducing health risk factors, managing disease, stopping tobacco use and reducing repetitive stress and back injuries.
Program highlights: Employee wellness fair, health screenings, Tobacco Cessation Program, workshops addressing “aches and pains”
Balancing Work/Family Living Well provides employees with tools and resources to help them achieve balance between their work life and family life.
Program highlights: LifeCare Web site, Work/Life Balance seminars, and promotion of related St. Jude Benefits (i.e. Family Sick Leave, Group Legal Plan, Daycare, Discounts)
Coping with Stress Living Well helps employees combat stress as it affects them in their work and personal lives.
Program highlights: Employee Assistance Program, training classes on topics like Dealing with Difficult People and time management

Help for managing chronic conditions

Sometimes motivation is the key ingredient necessary for taking charge of our health. The Living Well program is working with YourCare to reach out to employees who either have (or are at risk for) one of these conditions:

YourCare nurses can help you manage your condition and stay compliant to your treatment plan, even helping to schedule doctor visits. Enrollment is not necessary. You can opt out at any time.

Individual employee health information is not shared with St. Jude. The Living Well team will use aggregate reports to guide future programing that meets the needs of St. Jude employees.

Preventive Care Reminders

When it comes to maintaining good health, prevention is the best medicine. Likewise, early detection is the next best thing. For that reason, YourCare is mailing age and gender appropriate reminders to employees to schedule important screenings such as colonoscopies and mammograms. (Again, enrollment is not necessary, and individual employee health information is not shared with St. Jude.)

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