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    Mechanism offers promising new approach for harnessing the immune system to fight cancer

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital researchers discover how to unleash the immune system against cancer in model system without triggering autoimmune reactions. (Dr. Dario Vignali)

    T cells rely on “rheostat” to help ensure that the immune response matches the threat

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital advances understanding of how T cells craft an appropriate immune response; setting the stage for new strategies to intervene if the system goes awry. (Dr. Dario Vignali)

    Immune cell entry is key to understanding origins of type 1 diabetes

    St. Jude investigators have discovered how destructive immune cells gain access to insulin-producing cells and help cause diabetes.

    Scientists offer new details of the immune system’s quest for balance

    From the laboratory of Dario Vignali, PhD, Immunology, comes new evidence that like unruly children who secretly welcome the intervention of a stern teacher, certain aggressive lymphocytes invite suppression by other immune cells.

    St. Jude finds molecule that could improve cancer vaccines and therapy for other diseases (news release)

    The discovery of a new cytokine called IL-35 could allow clinicians to treat diseases by turning up or down the immune response.

    Chopping off protein puts immune cells into high gear

    The complex task of launching a well-organized, effective immune system attack on specific targets is thrown into high gear when either of two specific enzymes chops a protein called LAG-3 off the immune cells leading that battle.

    New technique fast tracks research

    St. Jude investigators have developed a technique that significantly reduces the time and expense of studying how the body produces immune system cells called T lymphocytes that aggressively attack germs, cancer and other harmful targets.