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    Researchers identify new protein with key role in antibody assembly

    St. Jude investigators identified a new protein at work inside infection-fighting plasma cells that plays a critical role in quality control during antibody production.

    New insight into the cell’s busy chaperones

    When newly created proteins emerge from the cell’s protein-making machinery, they appear as useless, spaghetti-like strands. Only after these strands fold into their intricate, final globular shapes can proteins begin their work as enzymes and other essential cellular components.

    St. Jude finds mechanism for faulty protein disposal

    A discovery by St. Jude scientists offers new insights into how myeloma cells dispose of defective or excess proteins. This finding could lead to new cancer treatments.

    Understanding drug resistance

    St. Jude researchers have shown that tumor cells become resistant to drugs called topoisomerase poisons by activating a protective response that reduces the amount of the topoisomerase enzymes those drugs target.