Daisy Award Honorees - February 2011

Honorees' reactions to winning the February 2011 Daisy Award:

Bobbie Bates

Winning the DAISY award was a complete surprise! It came at a time when I was feeling discouraged about working here. I have been here for almost 21 years and when your coworkers and parents voice their appreciation on a job well done, it gives me a breath of fresh air. It reminds me to give words of encouragement to my coworkers more often, because maybe my kind words will brighten someone’s day!

Barbara David

As my manager, Kim Thorpe, began to talk, I had no idea about whom she was speaking. However, as she continued I realized she was speaking of me and my heart began to race, my face felt flushed, and I was overwhelmed at the realization that I was receiving this honor. It is truly a very humbling experience.

Teresa Holmes

As they were reading the letter from the patient, A; my coworkers and I kept saying this sounds like A. As they continued, I knew it was my little A. I was overwhelmed with emotion when Pat Casey said my name. I felt pride, knowing St Jude truly appreciates nurses doing their job, and encourage them to strive for excellence. Nothing I did for A was what I considered to be over and above, its what we do everyday. These patients and families are a joy to take care of, even when their circumstances are difficult. The many congratulations and accolades have been free flowing. I feel so honored to receive the coveted Daisy Award, and will treasure what it means to myself and so many. Thank you all so much!

Angela Snyder

It was such an honor and privilege to just be nominated for the daisy awards but to win - the feeling is indescribable. I had a taste of how people who are nominated for an Emmy Award must feel as they are waiting on their name to be called. Thrilled to be in the atmosphere, excited as others just as deserving claim their reward, and hopeful that their name would be next. I am so blessed to work at an institution that cares as much for patients and families as St. Jude does. I am also honored to do the work that I do. Thanks to all who nominated me.