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    Wilson Clements, PhD

    Wilson K. Clements, PhD

    Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty




    Experimental Hematology

    Contact Information

    Wilson Clements, PhD
    MS 355, Room D3022E
    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    262 Danny Thomas Place
    Memphis, TN 38105-3678
    Phone: (901) 595-5940


    BA – Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts
    PhD – University of Washington, Seattle
    Postdoctoral Fellowship – University of Washington, Seattle
    Postdoctoral Fellowship – University of California at San Diego, La Jolla

    Research Interests

    More about Dr. Clements' research

    Selected Publications

    Clements WK, Traver D. Fish Pharming: Zebrafish Anti-Leukemia Screening. Blood 119:5614-5, 2012.

    Clements WK, Kim AD, Ong KG, Moore JC, Lawson ND, Traver D. A somitic Wnt16/Notch pathway specifies haematopoietic stem cells. Nature 474:220-224, 2011.

    Clements WK, Ong KG, Traver D. Zebrafish wnt3 is expressed in developing neural tissue. Dev Dyn 238:1788-95, 2009.

    Clements WK, Kimelman D. “Analysis of Wnt Signaling in Xenopus Embryos” in Analysis of Growth Factor Signaling in Embryos. Whitman, M. and Sater, A.K., eds. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Boca Raton, FL:1-27, 2006.

    Clements WK, Kimelman D. LZIC regulates neuronal survival during zebrafish development. Dev Biol 283:322-334, 2005.

    Xing Y, Clements WK, Trong IL, Hinds TR, Stenkamp R, Kimelman D, Xu W. Crystal structure of a Beta-catenin/APC complex reveals a critical role for APC phosphorylation in APC function. Mol Cell 15:523-533, 2004.

    Xing Y, Clements WK, Kimelman D, Xu W. Crystal structure of a Beta-catenin/Axin complex suggests a mechanism for the Beta-catenin destruction complex. Genes & Dev 17:2753-2764, 2003.

    Clements WK, Kimelman D. Wnt Signaling Gets Xeeky. Nat Cell Biol 5:861-863, 2003.

    Graham TA, Clements WK, Kimelman D, Xu W. The crystal structure of the Beta-catenin/ICAT complex reveals the inhibitory mechanism of ICAT. Mol Cell 10:563-571, 2002.

    Melby AE, Clements WK, Kimelman D. Regulation of dorsal gene expression in Xenopus by the ventralizing homeodomain gene Vox Dev Biol 15:293-305, 1999.

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