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Carolyn Russo, MD

Carolyn Russo, MD

Huntsville Affiliate Clinic

Contact Information

St. Jude Affiliate at Huntsville Hospital
910 Adams Street, Suite 310
Huntsville, Alabama  35801

Phone: (256) 265-5833
Fax: (256) 265-5834


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Clinical/Research Interests

Selected Publications

Russo C, Fischbein N, Grant E, Prados, MD. Late radiation injury following hyperfractionated craniospinal radiotherapy for primitive neuroectodermal tumor. IJROBP 44(1):85-90, 1999.

Russo C, Pellarin G, Tingby O, Bollen A, Lamborn K, Mohapatra G, Collins VP, Feuerstein B. Comparative genomic hybridization in supratentorial and infratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors. Cancer 86:330-338, 1999.

Smyth MD, Horn BN, Russo C, Berger MS. Intracranial ependymomas of childhood: Current Management Strategies. Pediatric Neurosurg 33(3): 138-150, September 2001.

Ma X, Does MB, Metayer C, Russo C, Wong A, Buffler PA. Vaccination history and the risk of Childhood Leukemia. Int J Epidemiol 34(5): 1100-1109, October, 2005.

Russo C, Wong A. The Bereaved Parent. J Clin Oncol 23(31): 8109-8111, November 2005.

Chang JS, Metayer C, Fear NT, Reinier K, Yin X, Urayama K, Russo C, Jolly KW, Buffler PA. Parental social contact in the work place and the risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. British J Cancer 97(9): 1315-1321, October 2007.