Weekly Update - July 18, 2014

When Thompson was found to have tumors in both of his eyes, his parents worried that their child would soon be blind. But, St. Jude found a way to treat the tumors while saving Thompson's sight. Hear his story.
Sibling Star Day
Star siblings
Battling a deadly disease isn't just tough on the patient — it's tough on the entire family. To make sure the siblings of our patients know how much we appreciate their bravery, we host a Sibling Star Day.
St. Jude patient Nicky
Honoring Nicky
Though their son lost his battle with cancer, one family is honoring his memory by helping St. Jude raise funds for its mission.
Birthdays for St. Jude
Something worth celebrating
Every birthday is important, but St. Jude patients' birthdays are a truly special occasion. Find out how we recognize these wonderful milestones.
Stephanie Cole
Going the extra mile
Stephane Cole has always been motivated to run in honor of St. Jude patients and their families, but when her own health was on the line, it gave her an extra push toward the finish line.