Cure4Kids for Kids!

Cure4Kids For Kids

The St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program (Cure4Kids for Kids) aims to become the leading source of cancer education for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This multilingual program helps school children, their parents and teachers understand the basic science and treatment of cancer.

Through the use of age-appropriate content, the program focuses on three main objectives:

The program was piloted at an elementary school in 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and is currently being expanded to other schools and cities. All educational materials have been developed by a multidisciplinary team composed of St. Jude faculty and staff with the collaboration of national experts.

The program contains three educational modules:

Each module contains a teacher’s guide, children’s book, presentation by a St. Jude expert and hands-on activities related to the topic presented (i.e. lab exercise, empathy activity, etc.).

The new Cure4Kids for Kids Web site ( released in August 2009 makes the St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program available to children across the country and the world. The Web site contains the cancer education material for elementary-aged students, teachers and parents. Cartoon characters serve as tour guides throughout the narrated books, interactive games, glossary and question-and-answer sections of the site. A designated area for teachers enables educators to download and print the program materials free of charge. A separate section is available for parents to reference material related to the topics presented in the children’s section so that they can have a source of information to address their children’s questions. Currently, all materials are available in English, and translation to other languages has begun.

A formal evaluation of the program began in the 2009-2010 school year. Future plans include the expansion of content for elementary, middle and high schools and additional development of the Web site. For more information, e-mail the cancer educational outreach coordinator at