Frontline Leukemia Treatment - Total XV Study

New Frontline Leukemia Protocol Refines Risk-directed Therapy
Our newest treatment protocol, Total Therapy XV, is developed to improve the cure rate of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) while minimizing the short-term morbidities and long-term sequelae. The effective treatment components and approaches of the most successful contemporary clinical trials are incorporated into the study. To avoid over- or under-treatment, immunologic and molecular assays are used in tandem to measure the level of minimal residual leukemia after remission induction to increase the precision of risk-directed therapy. Pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenetic principles will be applied to optimize therapy. Cranial irradiation and epipodophyllotoxins are omitted in all but a very few high-risk cases to prevent the development of therapy-related brain tumor and acute myeloid leukemia, respectively. Our goal is to make childhood ALL a uniformly curable disease.

The Total XV protocol is the most comprehensive treatment plan developed to date for ALL, detailing the management of any foreseeable complications of the disease or its therapy. Children age 18 years or less who have newly diagnosed ALL may be eligible for enrollment.