Meet Isaac


Isaac’s journey with cancer began in February 2011 when he experienced headaches, neck muscle spasms and weight loss.

Isaac’s tumor was discovered through a CT scan on March 2, 2011. It was the size of a softball.

Lodged under the bone of his skull, the tumor created massive pressure on his brain and spinal cord.

If Isaac had gone one more day without discovery of the tumor, he most likely would have died.

“Nothing in my life prepared me for the challenge of helping my son fight a battle against brain cancer,” said Isaac’s father, Tom.

Isaac underwent three brain surgeries in eight days to save his life.

The doctors removed all the cancerous tumor except a quarter-sized amount that remained attached to his brainstem.

At St. Jude, Isaac’s remaining tumor was removed using a specialized piece of equipment. The “intra-operative MRI” machine allowed neurosurgeons to identify any residual tumor during the procedure.

The success of this surgery meant less radiation would be needed to fight his cancer.

Isaac’s parents believe the advancements at St. Jude have given him a second chance at life.

“I am fully convinced that had we opted for traditional treatment … we would have mourned the loss of our son months ago,” said Tom.

Isaac is back at school. He wears his bald head proudly – preferring to show it off rather than covering it with a cap.

But in every other way, he longs for things to be back to normal, and that includes a return to basketball.