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Donor History

Once you have successfully completed the brief physical examination, you will proceed to the next step and will be asked to give details regarding your health and travel outside of the United States.

The questions you will be asked regarding health history are designed to protect the health of both you and the recipient of your blood product. In addition to questions about transfusion-transmissable diseases and infection, you will also be asked questions that will help determine whether donating blood might endanger your health.

The health history is also used to determine whether you have been exposed to or have diseases such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis or malaria. If you have been exposed, you will be evaluated further and may not be allowed to donate.

The questionnaire will also include the documentation of travel outside of the United States. Please come prepared with a list of countries you have visited, dates of travel, and how long your stay was in these areas. Travel also includes residency in countries other than the U.S. Feel free to contact the Blood Donor Center and we can screen your travel over the phone.

If there is any chance that donating may endanger your health or the recipient of your blood product, you will be “deferred” (asked not to donate). Please see “Eligibility to Donate” for common reasons for donor deferral.