CNS1123: Phase II Trial of Response-Based Radiation Therapy for Patients With Localized Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors


Brain Tumor : Newly diagnosed localize primary NGGCT or newly diagnosed localized germinoma


A germinoma germ cell tumor can be malignant (cancerous) and can sometimes spread though the brain and spinal canal before symptoms appear. There are different types of germ cell tumors. Doctors find out which type a person has based on the results of a biopsy and/or tumor markers. A biopsy is a surgical procedure that removes a portion of the tumor for testing. Tumor markers are found by testing for chemical substances (such as proteins) that are produced by tumor cells and released into the body fluids.

Non-germinomatous germ cell tumor (NGGCT) is a type of brain cancer. This tumor is sometimes localized. The term localized means that the tumor has not spread to other parts of the brain or the body. A NGGCT can be malignant (cancerous) and can sometimes spread through the brain and the spinal canal before symptoms appear.


Eligibility Criteria, among others, include:


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Tabatha E. Doyle, RN
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