Evaluation of fellows

Fellows receive written semi-annual evaluations from the Fellowship Program Director. The inpatient attending physician is responsible for completing the written evaluation form at the end of each rotation on that inpatient service. These evaluations are then discussed with the fellow. Forms are reviewed by the Fellowship Committee and become a permanent part of the fellow’s file.

The inpatient attending physician is also responsible for assurance that the fellow acquires necessary skills in performing the procedures used by pediatric hematologists and oncologists. If fellows encounter problems in acquiring these skills, the inpatient attending physician notifies the Fellowship Director(s). Additional supervised training will then be made available to the fellow.

Supervision of the research training is the direct responsibility of the laboratory research mentor. Written semiannual progress reports, including descriptions of abstracts and manuscripts, are required. The Fellowship Committee monitors progress during the research portion of the training program and the fellow is supported by semi-annual meetings with their scholarship oversight committee (SOC).

Evaluation of faculty

At the end of each inpatient rotation, fellows provide written evaluations of the attending faculty members. These evaluations assess each attending physician’s knowledge of pediatrics, pediatric hematology-oncology, and the literature relevant to these areas; conduct of rounds; teaching ability; availability; encouragement of the fellow; and overall performance. Significant problems are discussed with the inpatient attending physician. Teaching ability is one criterion established by the institution for yearly evaluations of faculty members and for academic promotion.

Evaluation of Fellowship program

Once each year, the fellows provide written evaluations of the fellowship program. These evaluations are reviewed by the Fellowship Committee and discussed at the Hematology and Oncology faculty meetings as needed.