Retroviral Gene Transfer System (SJ-00-0004)

Technology Name
(St. Jude Reference #)
Retroviral Gene Transfer System
Description This invention provides a highly efficient and consistent method for transducing stem cells with exogenous genes using feline endogenous retrovirus (RD114) envelope pseudotyped vectors. The RD114 pseudotyped vectors can be preabsorbed onto a surface, making gene therapy possible without the need for a GMP facility.
Keywords  Gene therapy, retroviral gene transfer, stem cells
Granted Patents or Published Applications US Patent No. 6,849,454
Related Scientific References Kelly, P.F. et. al. “Highly efficient gene transfer into cord blood nonobese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficiency oncoretroviral particles pseudotyped with the feline endogenous retrovirus (RD114) envelope protein” Blood 96: 1206-1214 (2000).

Nathwani, A.C. et. al. “Efficient gene transfer into human cord blood CD34+ cells and the CD34+CD38-subset using highly purified recombinant adeno-associated viral vector preparations that are free of helper virus and wild-type AAV” Gene Ther. 7: 183-195 (2000).

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Last update: June 2006