Candace Walker

Candace Walker


B.S. in Education for Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Dietetics.

Purpose for coming to St. Jude

After hearing about St. Jude on a daily basis, I was immediately intrigued. I initially came to St. Jude as a volunteer through the Volunteer Services Department, first in the Food Services Department as a Snack Bag Make and then as a Garden Volunteer. I also volunteered at several events through the volunteer opportunities offered by the Student Dietetic Association at the University of Memphis. My experiences made me realize that St. Jude would be a great place to complete my senior project. Thanks to Karen Smith and Dr. Roach for setting this up for me.


Working and volunteering at St. Jude was a great experience that I hope to repeat in the future. My Senior Project was divided into re-development of Sour Gems (a high calorie snack), a cooking demonstration related to a patient yoga class, and a Mommy-and-Me cooking demonstration. I had the best time with all of these experiences. Most rewarding was that I was making a positive impact on the lives of everyone involved. I was receiving direct feedback for the hard work and dedication I put into my work, which is invaluable for a student. A great benefit from all of my experiences at St. Jude is that I got to network with professionals that I could potentially work with in the future. Overall, I have had nothing but great experiences at St. Jude.