Teen patients express themselves through art

Photography by Peter Barta

Teens are not yet adults, but they are no longer kids. They yearn to blend in, but their mirrors reflect hair loss or other side effects of cancer treatment. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps teenaged patients cope with their unique set of challenges. One of those ways is the Teen Art Show.

Organized by the St. Jude Child Life Program, the Teen Art Show—this year themed “Mirror, Mirror”—unveiled colorful, creative, inspiring artwork by teenaged patients at St. Jude. Hospital staff, patients and their families lined the Teen Art Gallery hallway for the special ceremony. There were more than 40 pieces of artwork by 46 teen patients.

With paint, canvas and other media, young artists communicate emotions that might otherwise be difficult to share. The gallery displays the photography, drawings, sculptures and poetry created by the teen patients throughout the year.