Why participate in studies through the St. Jude Affiliate Program?

From its earliest beginning, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been dedicated to finding both the causes of and cures for diseases that threaten the lives of our children. In this pursuit, St. Jude employs some of the top scientists and physicians in the world, including a Nobel Laureate, several members of the National Academy of Sciences and two Howard Hughes investigators.

St. Jude is the only cancer center funded by the National Cancer Institute that is devoted solely to children and the only private cancer center in the United States committed to caring for and supporting children with cancer regardless of the family’s financial or health care resources.

The St. Jude Affiliate Program offers the opportunity for children to receive all or a portion of their researched-based care at a facility in or near their home community. Through close collaboration with the multidisciplinary group of physicians, scientists, nurses and support personnel at St. Jude, the staff of the affiliate clinics and our affiliate hospitals provide an extension of the support crucial to the comprehensive care of children with cancer and hematological disorders.

The team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, data managers and clerical support at each affiliate clinic is supported not only by St. Jude but also the area hospital and/or university that works as a partner in the patient care process. St. Jude provides resources to the affiliate clinic that include staff education and financial support to insure that each site has the facilities and equipment needed to provide quality care.